SIEM Security Information and Event Manager

From simple and intuitive log management appliances to advanced threat correlation and analysis services, Trustwave delivers a broad range of SIEM solutions, built for your business needs. With a variety of deployment options, including appliances, software and managed security services, Trustwave SIEM solutions help organizations of all sizes simplify management and operations, while delivering on big data intelligence security capabilities and interoperability demands of the toughest business, compliance and technical requirements.

NAC Network Access Control

Embracing a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) culture can be a good thing – increased employee satisfaction and productivity with a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for mobile devices. But BYOD also creates challenges, which can include managing non-standard, heterogeneous devices and personal and potentially rogue applications, as well as possibly introducing malware into the corporate network.

With the only industry-leading, agentless and agnostic network access control solution for corporate and user-owned mobile devices, Trustwave puts control back into the hands of IT administrators and helps to ensure a secure, productive and compliant computing environment.

WAF Web Application Firewall

E-commerce sites are the number one targeted asset of hackers* because they're easy to access and deliver a valuable data payload for cybercriminals. Add to that the fact that 99 percent of the applications assessed by Trustwave SpiderLabs in 2014 included at least one serious vulnerability.

With our award-winning Web Application Firewall, you can continuously monitor your applications, instantly detect and prevent threats, mitigate the risk of data breaches, and address compliance requirements, including the PCI DSS (section 6.6).

Web Filtering

The evolution of the internet and Web 2.0 have created a virtual playground of apps, social media, games, dynamic content and streaming media that can become a distraction and a threat to organizations of all shapes and sizes. These issues have created a need for powerful, yet flexible tools that can adapt to the unique needs of each organization to ensure a safe and productive environment.

Trustwave Web Filtering enables organizations to restrict access to inappropriate and potentially dangerous websites and applications, thereby enforcing acceptable-use policies that comply with industry and regulatory requirements

Vulnerability Application Scanner

You have to measure risk to manage risk. Today's fastest-growing risk category is web application vulnerabilities. Analysts have estimated 75 percent of attacks now target the application layer, exploiting more than 6,000 known vulnerabilities. How will you find your application vulnerabilities and remediate them before the criminals do?

With our highly accurate App Scanner solutions, you can automatically detect web vulnerabilities, prioritize them and use best-practice advice to quickly fix or block them. The App Scanner line also offers the widest range of form factors and depths of scan to best meet your security and business needs.

Secure Web Gateway

Cybercriminals treat the web as their preferred launching pad for data-stealing malware. Users can become infected through malicious links contained in emails or on social networks, through exploits masquerading as software updates or through simply navigating to a website that automatically installs malware.

With Trustwave's award-winning and industry-leading Secure Web Gateway, organizations can detect malware on the fly without relying on signatures, gain zero-day protection against advanced threats and enable the safe and secure use of applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail — all while minimizing confidential data loss and ensuring productivity and compliance.

Database Security

The amount of digital information in the world is growing leaps and bounds. Driving this proliferation are things like email, video, social media and mobile payments, for example, as well as more fundamental business use cases requiring long-range retention of both structured and unstructured data.

In many cases, this data that is stored in traditional, relational databases or more modern, big data platforms is confidential and mission critical. As a result, they require specific protections, separate from the safeguards that defend networks and applications. With first-class database security solutions that cater to your personal resources, skill levels and business needs, Trustwave can help.

Two Factor Autentication

The corporate perimeter has changed; users no longer access applications and data from their corporate network alone. Company resources are accessed with smartphones, tablets and other on-the-go devices. In addition, many businesses are required to employ authentication solutions, as mandated by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), FFIEC Authentication Guidance and other regulations. Yet many organizations remain dissatisfied with traditional hardware-based authentication, which can be costly and cumbersome for administrators and users alike.

Trustwave's cloud-based two-factor authentication solutions help you to secure access to networks and applications, protect users, and address compliance requirements for the protection of regulated data, while simplifying deployment and management, improving user experience, and minimizing the cost and hassle of traditional hardware tokens.

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